Wednesday 31 May 2023  |  12:30 - 14:00 CET

The pedestrianization of Broadway and Times Square in New York City began with a temporary street closure in 2009. It has since changed the formerly automobile dominated street into an active and vibrant public space that is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each day. This outcome is not unlike the transformation of Antwerp’s urban core that occurred over decades. Using archival, newspaper, and professional documents, along with expert interviews, this talk will highlight ongoing research relating to the process of transforming public spaces and street designs from both a contemporary and historic context in America and Belgium.

  • Language: English
  • Method of delivery: Virtual
  • Lecturer: Kelly Gregg - assistant professor in the School of Architecture and Planning at SUNY Buffalo. She currently teaches undergraduate environmental design and graduate planning courses. Kelly's research is positioned at the intersection of landscape architecture, urban design, and planning. Her PhD research at The University of Toronto focused specifically on the design and evolution of pedestrian environments.