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Faculty Day

When the academic year starts, we welcome a new group of international students to the faculty of Applied Economics on our Faculty Day. This year, the students from the masters of Business Economics, Economic Policy and the advanced Masters of C-MAT immediately showed off their adventurous side and discovered Antwerp during an interactive city game under a radiant sun. Who is able to start a mannequin challenge with a group of young children, find the missing bust of a famous opera author at the Bourla theatre, discover the history of the ‘Antwerpse handjes’ or build a human pyramid? It was not a problem at all for the winning team who scored only 2 points more than the following group.

Afterwards the students had time to get to know each other a little better during a nice reception with snacks and drinks. There was still some discussion about the winners of the city game but also other stories about the long trip to Belgium and the first impression of this beautiful country and city came up.

Multicultural Potluck Event

That our international students love to socialize and eat delicious food was once again proven on the Multicultural Potluck Event. The students brought a typical dish from their home country and shared this with international students from different faculties. Also the students from James Madison University who stay at our faculty for three months following the ‘Doing business in the European context’ programme, attended the potluck event and brought some typical American dishes like mac and cheese and chocolate chip cookies. The result was a large table full of tasty dishes, a lot of new acquaintances, careful dance moves and lots of fun.

It looks like everyone feels quite 'at home' already.

Faculty Day 2017

Multicultural Potluck Event