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In 2001, prof. dr. Walter Daelemans (CliPS research centre) started the spin-off Textkernel, together with fellow researchers from the universities of Amsterdam and Tilburg. In their academic collaboration, they examined the way machine learning processes natural language production.

The job search has increasingly simplified with the digitising of job ads. This has caused a problem for well-known organisations: hundreds of candidates apply for the same function. Besides that, recruiters now have access to enormous databases to find the right employee for a company or vice versa. The HR-sector possesses so much information, out of which the need for computer automatising has risen.

Textkernel gives an answer to this need with its specialisation in semantic recruiting technology, which makes it possible for computers to transfer text into useable, structured data.

This language technology can for instance extract the most important information from hundreds of application letters and recognise the wanted experiences and skills. Textkernel offers solutions for the HR-sector to bring potential employers and employees together quickly.