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Since 2017, our newly appointed professors present their current research in an inaugural lecture at the Faculty Research Day. Their presentation is accompagnied by a short introduction film. You can enjoy the films and presentations on this page.

Inaugural lectures 2017

Professor Sofie Cambré - Carbon nanotubes

The one-dimensional hollow structure of carbon nanotubes (CNT's), combined with smooth inner walls and a wide range of different chiral structures and diameters, makes them ideal nano containers for encapsulation of various molecules. Read more about the research of the ECM group on their website.

Professor Kris Laukens - Hacking the molecular patterns of life

Prof Kris Laukens - Hacking the molecular patterns of life

Professor Kris Laukens and his team develop methods of modern large scale data mining. Recent evolutions in biotechnology deliver an avalanche of data (DNA, proteins ...). The methods professor Laukens is developing help to make sense of this huge mass of information. More information on the Biomina group is on their website.

Professor Filip Meysman - Microbial electricity

Prof Filip Meysman - Microbial electricity

Professor Filip Meysman and his team do research on bacteria living in the bottom of the sea. These long filamentous bacteria are capable of generating and mediating electricity over centimeter-scale distances. Quite a disruptive finding! The work of the ECOBE group is explained on their website.

Inaugural lectures


Inaugural lectures 2016

Prof Siegfried Vlaeminck - Clean technology solutions

Professor Siegfried Vlaeminck applies a holistic view to water treatment, developing microbial clean tech processes that are cost-effective. In the lab, his team cultivates phototrophic microorganisms that capture and fixate nutrients from waste streams, making them useful as fertiliser or as feed. Read more about the research on the website of the Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology research group.

Presentation Introduction film


Prof Toon Calders - Data mining

Professor Toon Calders and his team at the University of Antwerp are specialised in data mining. To be able to analyse huge amount of data, they are developing techniques to find irregularities in the data that are interesting to observe. That way, in stead of querying the data, they let the machine find the right questions to ask. Read more about their research on the website of research group ADReM.

Presentation Introduction film


Prof Sonja Hohloch - Symplectic geometry in dynamical systems

Professor Sonja Hohloch's research areas comprise -- among others -- symplectic geometry, Floer theory and its applications to dynamics and hyperkähler geometry, and integrable Hamiltonian systems. Recently, she is getting more and more interested in more applied topics, seeking a good connection and interplay between pure mathematics and applied problems. Her favorite hobby is climbing which she loves for its combination of strength, elegance, and dynamic moves. Read more about her research on the web pages of research group Fundamental Mathematics.

Presentation Introduction film


Prof Erik Verbruggen - Plant & Soil Microbial Ecology

A large part of what lives beneath our feet is still unknown to us. Professor Erik Verbruggen, ecologist at the University of Antwerp, talks about the research of the team at the Plant & Soil Microbial Ecology Laboratory.

Presentation Introduction film