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Programme 2018

8:30 Registration
9:00 Introduction and Welcome Prof Nick Schryvers
Dean - Faculty of Science
9:30 Morning Session A Chair: Dr Dieter Van den Heuvel
9:30 Inaugural lecture

Hacking the molecular patterns of life, from in vitro to in silico

Prof Kris Laukens

Advanced Database Research and Modeling (ADReM)

10:00 Lecture

Plasmonic photocatalysis for environmental and energy applications

Dr Sammy Verbruggen

Sustainable Energy, Air and Water Technology

10:30 Poster clips - Set 1  
10:50 Coffee break
Poster mounting
11:20 Morning Session B Chair: Stefan Vanbeveren
11:20 Inaugural lecture

Microbial electricity: a surprise from the seafloor

Prof Filip Meysman

Ecosystem management (ECOBE)

11:50 Lecture

Medical plasmas: can we fight cancer with the right plasma ?

Dr Angela Privat Maldonado

Plasma, laser ablation and surface modeling - Antwerp (PLASMANT)

12:20 Poster clips - Set 2  
12:40 Lunch
Poster viewing
14:00 Afternoon Session A Chair: Fabio Bottari
14:00 Inaugural lecture

Nanoscale plumbing: Endohedral functionalisation of carbon nanotubes

Prof Sofie Cambré

Experimental condensed matter physics (ECM)

14:30 Lecture

The search for an appropriate model to fit real-life data

Christophe Segers

Computational Mathematics

15:00 The WDW (Working group of PhD students) Charlotte Vets

Plasma, laser ablation and surface modeling - Antwerp (PLASMANT)

15:10 Researching Diversity in Research

Katrien Kolenberg

Department of Physics

15:20 Afternoon tea
Poster voting
15:50 Afternoon Session B Chair: Annick De Backer
15:50 Lecture

Hippo’s in Lake Victoria and their influence on the biogeochemistry of Si

Dr Jonas Schoelynck

Ecosystem management (ECOBE)

16:20 Lecture

Graphene in the spotlight: using 2D knowledge in a 3D world

Dr Ben Van Duppen

Condensed Matter Theory

16:50 Closing Remarks Prof Nick Schryvers
Dean - Faculty of Science
17:00 Closing drink - Best Poster Award
Entrance hall, Building T