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8:30 Registration in Building G (Entrance hall)

9:00 Opening session

9:00 Introduction: Introduction of research areas of FWET              
Prof Nick Schryvers, Dean

9:15 Some practical arrangements                                                         
Prof Koen Janssens, Vice-dean


9:30  Session 1

Chair: Dr. Ben van Duppen

Break + Session 2

11:00 Coffee break


11:30 Session 2

Chair: Stefano Loreto

Luch & Session 3

13u00 Lunch

Middelheim restaurant, Komida, Building D

14:30 Session 3

Chair: Dr. Dieter Van den Heuvel

Coffee & Session 4

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Session 4

Chair : Sten Veraa


17:15 Closing session

17:15 Closing remarks                                                                               
Prof Nick Schryvers, Dean


17:30 Closing drinks



All lectures will take place at Campus Groenenborger, Building T, Room T.103.

Coffee and lunch will be served at Building T, entrance hall and Komida restaurant.