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Valorisation is a key aspect of research at the Faculty of Science. In this context spinoff companies are of importance. Spinoffs are academic companies that transform scientific knowledge into applications for commercial use.

The spinoffs of the Faculty of Science are:

icoMetrix icoMetrix (2011)
icoMetrix offers advanced image processing needed for the quantitative analysis of biomedical images.
HI10 Security Integrations HI10 Security Integrations (2010)
Data security, cloud systems' architecture, security and efficiency by delivering optimal solutions: integration digital signatures, cloud security projects, BC / DR plans.
Meshbone Meshbone (2009)
Meshbone, formerly Wishbone, delivers user-friendly, robust and secure wireless mesh network solutions providing a communications infrastructure in buildings, campuses and "event areas" without any kind of cabling.
Mu Technologies µ Technologies (2007)
Develops and distributes innovative software and hardware applications and technology for analysis, modeling, and synthesis of sound waves
Octens Octens (2007)
Design and production of customized analytical tools and development of potentiometric applications
DCI Labs DCI Labs (2001)
Develops software and services for 'high content screening' and cellular assays based on state of the art imaging techniques

Tech Transfer

The Tech Transfer Office (TTO) provides the link between academia and industry. Their service facilitates the transfer of the unique knowledge and innovative technologies developed at Antwerp University Association (AUHA) institutions to the business sector.

For more information, visit the Tech Transfer Office web pages.