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Department of Political Sciences – Mission Statement and Research Focus

The department of Political Sciences is a young and relatively small department. There was a certain tradition of political science research at both UFSIA and UIA – the institutions that merged into the University of Antwerp in 2003 – especially regarding political culture (Guido Dierickx) and international relations (Yvan Vanden Berghe). Prior to 2003, the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences had largely been dominated by the Sociology department and by sociological research, both at UIA and UFSIA. In recent years, however, an increase in the number of Political Sciences students has coincided with a growth in the department and in the number of staff.

As a result, all our academic staff are in their thirties and early forties and most research groups and research programmes are also quite young. Appointments have mainly arisen from a need to fill gaps in teaching curricula rather than from a desire to fill gaps in the department's research programme, so staff are spread rather thinly across the discipline. Because of this, the department as a whole is not specialised in one particular area of research and there are no large clusters of experts in similar areas.