Career options for Academic Staff

There are various ways to develop an academic career at the University of Antwerp.

Junior researcher
Junior researchers usually start as PhD students (a.k.a. doctoral scholarship holders). You carry out research as a University of Antwerp employee and after a period of about four years you can obtain a PhD. You receive a grant that is exempt from tax. The University of Antwerp may fund your grant. Alternatively, you could receive a personal grant from external organisations such as the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) or the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT).
A doctoral scholarship is not the only option for working as a researcher. You can also be hired as an employee within the framework of a scientific project. In many cases this leads to a PhD, but short term projects are possible too. As a project worker you will be employed under a contract and will pay taxes like any other employee. Grant holders and project workers are considered Contract Research Staff (BAP).
Some junior researchers are hired as graduate teaching & research assistants. Graduate teaching & research assistants are members of the Academic Assistant Staff (AAP) and combine their own doctoral research with assistant teaching tasks alongside one or more professors. If you wish to focus particularly on teaching, you can work as a teaching assistant. Then, you are exclusively responsible for assisting professors with their educational tasks.
There are several other possibilities for both Contract Research Staff and Academic Assistant Staff after obtaining a PhD. The Research Foundation Flanders and the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology offer a number of post-doctoral fellowships, or you can continue to work on projects which receive external funding. You can also combine research and education as a principal research fellow.
Senior researcher
Senior researchers are often members of the Senior Academic Staff (ZAP). As a member of the Senior Academic Staff you have the title of professor and are responsible for the three academic core tasks: research, education and services. There are various types of Senior Academic Staff: tenure track assistant professor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor and full professor. When appointed for a structural mission, you receive tenure after a period of probation. This is always preceded by an in-depth evaluation of your performance.