Career options for Administrative and Technical Staff

Almost a quarter of the our employees are members of the Administrative and Technical Staff (ATP). They are active in a variety of fields including finance, student administration, ICT, communication, laboratories, infrastructure, logistics, management, policy and so on.

Each ATP position is associated with a specific pay band, which is always mentioned in the vacancy. When you are hired, you normally start with the basic salary scale in the pay band with which your position is associated. During your career you can move up until you reach the highest scale in the pay band. Promotions are not automatically given but depend on your performance and the results you achieve.
Internal mobility
You can grow in your position but can also be promoted when changing positions. Maybe you are ready for a new challenge after some time and you think that you can use your experience in a new position. Career mobility is encouraged at the University of Antwerp. Internal vacancies are published regularly by Central Services and the various faculties and institutes. Staff in the Human Resources Department will help you find the job that best suits you.