Procedure for international employment

At the University of Antwerp, you can work as a professor, university personnel, administrative and technical personnel, a researcher, doctoral grant holder or visiting researcher. With each type of employment there are specific conditions to be met if you are working as an international employee.

After your employment at the University of Antwerp has been approved by the Board of Governors and/or Board of Directors, Research Board or Faculty Board, the Human Resources Department will contact you to request some general information. You will receive a form to fill in, and will also be asked to provide employment certificates and emergency contact details, among other things.

There are a number of procedures for international employment and cross-border workers from Belgium’s neighbouring countries. The International Staff Office will ascertain which procedures must be followed in your specific situation. Therefore it is very important that you provide all the necessary documents on time. If necessary, the University of Antwerp will apply for a work permit for you. It is your responsibility to apply for a visa, and also to obtain a residence permit following your arrival in Belgium.

Some documents will need official legalisation to proceed with the registration process. Start on time and check the website of the Belgian government about the specifics for your documents.  



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