"Helping students is very fulfilling."

Pieter Caris is a study programme counsellor and an educational unit coordinator in the Faculty of Science.

“As a study programme counsellor I try to help Faculty of Science students with problems and practical questions about their programme. These students are usually following a different programme than the standard programme. They might be combining courses from two different years, for example, or they've already followed another programme and wish to switch programmes. We look at the options together and try to find the best solution for their specific situation."

“I also coordinate the faculty's education administration. I am responsible for the day-to-day operation of the student secretariaat and for providing administrative support to the related education. This is my first executive job. In the beginning it was difficult but I have since followed several management courses and learnt a lot from them. What I like about the University of Antwerp is that you are encouraged to follow refresher courses regularly."

“The main reason I like my job so much is that I think I can really make a difference for the students. Firstly by solving their problems but also by ensuring that the educational administration goes without a hitch. And I find that very fulfilling. Things can be quite busy in the run-up to the start of the academic year and after the exam periods and I tend to work long hours. But I can always make up for the overtime during the quieter months. The many holidays ensure that my work-life balance is also respected."