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Department: Center for Molecular Neurology
Regime Full-time

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Postdoc position computational neurobiology lab

Project description

We are the Computational Neurobiology lab and address fundamental questions in chromatin organization, epigenetics and brain biology. We develop machine learning approaches for large-scale data integration and reconstruct cis-regulatory networks to understand how a cell “chooses” its fate. In particular, we focus on the role of chromatin organization in neuronal cell fate specification and neurodegenerative disease, aiming to bring results of fundamental research to the clinic.

The project aims to understand the mechanisms underlying neuro-immune crosstalk in AD development and progression. To this end the successful candidate will integrate large single-cell and bulk datasets across multiple data modalities into cis-regulatory networks, with a particular focus on chromatin organisation. The project will require both the application of state-of-the-art statistical and machine learning approaches, and their further development to address the unique complexities of chromatin organisation data.

The VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology has 6 PIs and hosts internationally recognized leaders in the field of Neurogenetics and Neuroinflammation. Current research groups address a broad set of questions related to neurodegenerative diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, with an emphasis on understanding the genetic etiology and developing diagnostics and treatment methods for these diseases. Approaches range from human genetics and genomics to protein biochemistry and neuronal and glial cell biology, while models include yeast, fly, mouse, and pluripotent human cell systems. Research groups have access to state-of-the-art research and top-notch support core facilities and attract talented international scientist from across the world. 

The VIB-UAntwerp Center is part of VIB, a Life Sciences institute with colleague-researchers in cancer, biotechnology, structural biology, immunology amongst others and an extensive set of core facilities and opportunities for technology transfer. We are also embedded within the University of Antwerp.



The candidate should:

  • have a PhD in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics,Systems Biology, Mathematical biology or related disciplines
  • have excellent communication, organizational and writing skills in English.
  • be motivated and independent, while being able to interact effectively with other members of the team.

Required skills

  • Statistics
  • Programming
  • Machine learning

Desirable skills

  • Single-cell data analysis
  • Causal Inference
  • Graph Theory


  • Financial support for at least 2 years. The applicant will be assisted in applying for personal fellowships during this time (Marie-Curie, HFSP, EMBO, National funding organizations).
  • Access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and core computing and experimental facilities in a vibrant, world-class research environment operating at an international level
  • Dedicated training programs available through VIB and UAntwerp to broaden your expertise and enhance your skillset
  • A stimulating and international research environment
  • A strong and dynamic network of international collaborators

As part of the VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology and VIB, the applicant will benefit from established collaborations and access to centralized facilities with expertise in genomics, functional genomics and cell biology, proteomics, cutting-edge microscopy, structural biology, technology development, and bioinformatics.

VIB provides a highly interactive environment and ample training opportunities for its researchers. The VIB-UAntwerp Center for Molecular Neurology is located in the city of Antwerp, the capital of Flanders, offering a culturally and historically rich, and ethnically diverse environment.

Starting date: as soon as possible

How to apply?

The University of Antwerp is a sustainable, family-friendly organization which invests in its employees’ growth. We encourage diversity and attach great importance to an inclusive working environment and equal opportunities, regardless of gender identity, disability, race, ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or age. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse characteristics to apply.