The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a unique book identification number that identifies the edition of your publication. It is not only assigned to printed publications but also to educative software and electronic publications.

How to apply for an ISBN?

Fill out the request form.
The university library will then request an ISBN at the Boekenbank (online database of books published in Flanders) and communicates it to you on reception. You will need to ensure that this ISBN is printed in the book.

When to apply for an ISBN?

When the University of Antwerp is the publisher of your work, as in the case of doctoral theses, reports and papers, you can apply for an ISBN.
The ISBN is not obligatory but useful to track a book’s presence through various retail chains. Today all book databases use the ISBN making distribution far more efficient. 


Requesting an ISBN is not free of charge. You can find the costs at the website of the Boekenbank (Dutch). 

Please note that the University of Antwerp is neither a member of VUV nor a member of Boekenbank.

Legal deposit number

If you have requested an ISBN, it is mandatory to print a deposit number in the publication. After the request of an ISBN the university of Antwerp library will pass the legal deposit number to you.