Remote access

Students and staff of the University of Antwerp can also use most electronic journals, e-books or databases remotely (from home or elsewhere outside of the University of Antwerp campus).

Access via VPN connection

There are two methods to set up a VPN connection: the AnyConnectclient or the built-in VPN client of your computer.

Manuals and additional information for various operating systems are available at the InfoCenter ICT on Blackboard (choose Netwerk -> VPN). UZA staff can contact the ICT department of the UZA to have the VPN client installed.

To log into the VPN-server use your UA-login and password.

Access via a personal login

Some databases allow you to create a personal login. Occasionally, publishers also allow you to use this account remotely. This is the case for e.g.Web of Science.

The creation of a personal account must be done on campus with a valid UA-email address.

Extra tips

  • For Citrix databases (DVDs and CDs), you must also have citrix client software available. You can download this client software for free.
  • Some databases are not accessible outside the UA campuses, despite the use of a VPN connection. In these cases, the publisher doesn’t  allow remote access. This is the case for e.g. Literom. Most (Belgian) legal databases are subject to specific rules about remote access.
  • If you use a VPN connection (or work on campus) to search for information, you will have extended access to electronic articles or databases than if you simply search the internet at home. The library catalog, databases and electronic journals, but also Google Scholar, have additional options and wider access to full text with your login via the University of Antwerp.
  • External library users, who are not affiliated as a student or staff with the University of Antwerp, have no remote access. Consultation of electronic library resources is only allowed in the reading rooms of the university library.