Other catalogues

A catalogue describes the holdings of one or more libraries. You will not only find titles of books and journals, but also a reference of the place – on a rack or online - where you can find the publication.

University of Antwerp

  • E-Info catalogue 
    The catalogue E-info contains all electronically available publications: full text journals, databases, working papers, ... The catalogue contains only titles of journals (not articles).
  • Academic Bibliography 
    The academic bibliography provides an overview of the scientific publications of the University of Antwerp.
  • STCV - catalogue 
    The bibliography of the 17th-century book in Flanders.
  • Prints collection
    The catalogue of the University of Antwerp's print collection (Special Collections).

Other Antwerp catalogues

Belgian and international catalogues

  • UniCat 
    UniCat is a union catalogue of Belgian libraries. It holds records from Belgian university libraries and the Royal Library. Also included are the catalogues from three library networks: Anet, LIBIS-net and Boréal. UniCat focusses on academic and scientific library collections and targets both end users and library professionals.
  • Worldcat
    Access to more then 10.000 library collections all over the world.
  • Copac 
    Copac exposes rare and unique research material by bringing together the catalogues of over 70 major UK and Irish libraries
  • Sudoc 
    Joint catalogue of French University and College Libraries.
  • Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Kataloge und Institutionen 
    An overview of library catalogues in Germany.
  • The European Library 
    An online portal that offers quick and easy access to the collections of the 48 National Libraries of Europe and leading European Research Libraries.

Specialised catalogues

  • Erasmus Online Database 
    Catalogue of the Erasmus Collection from the Rotterdam library. The catalogue describes over 5,000 rare editions and translations of Erasmus. For 2,000 descriptions also an image of the title page is available.
  • STCN - Short Title Catalogue Netherlands 
    Catalogue of books, that were published in the period 1540 - 1800 in the Netherlands or were published outside the Netherlands in the Dutch language. The catalogue also includes the description of 3,000 Dutch (post-) incunabula. In Flanders we have the similar STCV , and in the United Kingdom, there is the English Short Title Catalogue.