Adapted services: Academic year 2020-2021

Update 18 September 2020

Opening hours

From Monday 21 September the libraries will be open by the regular opening hours.

The learning center at Campus Middelheim will reopen on October 1, from 10 a.m. till 4 p.m. (only accessible for students and staff).

Make a reservation

You only need to make a reservation if you want to be seated for study or reseach.

No reservation is needed if you want to do a quick research, if you want to loan or return books, or of you want to print or copy.

Wear a face mask

Wearing a face mask in libraries is mandatory. Please provide your own mask on entering the library.

Once you are seated, you can put off your mask. We guarantee a 1,5 m distance between our seats.

Study and reseach at the library

It is possbile to come to the library to study or to do some reserach. You can book your favorite seat.

Loan and returning books

You can come to the library to loan or return books. No reservation is needed.

You can take a book from the shelves but we also provide a pick and go service. Search for your book in the catalogue and make a request.

Print and copy

You can come to the library to print or copy. No reservation is needed. We no longer provide a free scan-on-demand service.