Network access

Network access for students and staff of the University of Antwerp

Laptops, tablets or smartphones can log on to the wireless network ‘UAntwerpen’. Use your UAntwerpen login and password to log on to the network.

Manuals to configure your device are available in the InfoCenter ICT.

Network access via Eduroam

In the reading rooms of the university library is also an Eduroam network available.

Eduroam is an international partnership between educational institutions and ensures that students or staff of the member institutions may sign up with their own login and password in another member institution.
You can find a complete list of participating universities or colleges on the project website of Eduroam.

You can obtain eduroam access at the wireless Hotspots with following configuration.

  • SSID : eduroam
  • Auth methode: WPA2
  • Encryption: AES

For students and personel University of Antwerp: User Name: (e.g.
For all other users: User Name: Consult the documentation of your home institution

Students or staff from UAntwerp who want to use eduroam, can find manuals on Blackboard or Pintra.

Network access for conferences

Participants in a conference can use the wireless network ‘UA-guest’ during the length of the conference. Guest logins for conferences should be requested well in advance from the IT department, by the promotor of the conference.

External library users, who are not students or staff affiliated with the University of Antwerp or an educational institution that participates in the Eduroam project, can’t  connect to the university network with their own device. There are computers available in the reading rooms of the library.