Information Literacy

Information literacy is part of wider academic skills you will acquire during your studies at the University of Antwerp, through the curriculum.

The university library wants to support students and teachers in the field of information literacy.

What is information literacy?

Information literacy is about dealing with information.
It can be about:

  • Asking the right question, and selecting the most appropriate sources
  • Knowledge of available sources and the ways you search them
  • The critical assessment of information
  • An effective organization of information and ways to stay up-to-date
  • The processing of information without plagiarism

 The library provides training and maintains a 'course' about information literacy in Blackboard with news, tips, tutorials, videos ... on various aspects of an efficient use of information.

Teachers will find learning materials about dealing with information in the Blackboard organization 'UA library teachers'. These manuals, films, ... are free to be reused in courses or lessons within the University of Antwerp.