Question Time

Do you experience difficulties in looking up information ?, do you have questions about certain databases?, do you not know where and / or how to look up books / journals ?, is it unclear how you can get to the full text of scientific articles? , ... then the online question time might be something for you!
Tuesday 8 May, the library will be online in the afternoon (12:30 - 13:30). Use the participation link below to participate. It is not necessary to register in advance. You can 'walk by' with your own questions or listen to the questions of others. Remember to sit somewhere quietly (at home or anywhere). Both image and audio run via the PC, so a telephone is not necessary.

Participation link:

If you want, you can email your questions to us in advance via the Helpdesk with the subject "Online Question Time".

Individual guidance

It may happen that you

  • Need additional explanation to properly execute your queries
  • Don’t know how to start a search for information
  • Don’t find what you are looking for, or do find way too much information
  • Want to use advanced features of a particular databases
  • ...

Of course, you can direct any question to the library staff in the reading rooms of the university library.

You may also make an appointment with a librarian. Please send your question to the helpdesk of the library.