Library introduction – information for professors

Request a Library introduction

In the first semester of the academic year, the university library offers library introductions. Preferably, the library introduction is embedded in a regular course.

What is covered?

  • 1BA: Students get information along to get started.
    How to find a book? How to search by subject? Which databases are relevant? How can you use the electronic library from home.
  • 3BA/1MA: builds on this and focuses on advanced features of bibliographic databases for the field, the evaluation of journals and organizing information.

Typically, a library introduction takes 1 hour, with the ability to expand to 2 hours.

Customised training courses are always possible.

Teaching materials for professors

The university library develops its teaching materials for our library introductions or at the request of university teachers. Also many publishers are providing training materials.

All these learning materials - from short films to comprehensive instruction manuals - are bundled in the Blackboard organization 'UA-library for teachers'. Every teacher can reuse the material in lessons and courses.


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