The social status of ‘student’ is defined by various regulations and social services. The following regulations and social services are included: 

  • Scholarships from the Government of Flanders 
  • Family allowances
  • Student employment
  • Health insurance
  • Maintenance obligations
  • Subsistence allowance
  • Training vouchers
  • Time credit
  • Paid educational leave

In short, these rules and conditions determine what you may be entitled to as a student.

Questions for the Office for Student Affairs

You can contact the Office for Student Affair about the following issues:

  • What are the requirements for receiving a scholarship?
  • How (and when) can you apply for a scholarship?

What are the consequences of studying in terms of your family allowances?   

  • What are the age and study requirements for family allowances? 
  • Can you lose your family allowances if you work too much?
  • Can the cancellation of your enrolment or your reorientation to another programme or institution have an effect on your family allowances?
  • Can family allowances be paid into your own account?

Studying and the consequences for health insurance 

  • What happens to your health insurance once you turn 25?

Studying and working 

  • Which students may be employed?
  • Does student employment have consequences for your/your parents' taxes?
  • How many days a year can you work?
  • How can you find a student job?
  • Are there specific facilities for working students?

Maintenance obligations 

  • Your parents are maintenance debtors. What does this mean?

Studying and the right to a subsistence allowance 

  • Is studying with a subsistence allowance a right?
  • Under which conditions is this allowance granted? 

More information?  
You can find a lot of information on these subjects on other pages of this website.  Be sure to check the 'Centen voor Studenten' website for up-to-date information. International students requiring information about the subsistence allowance (Public Social Welfare Centre or OCMW) should check the page about receiving financial aid from the University of Antwerp.