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Jobs on campus

Information for international students

As a foreigner, you are only allowed to work on campus if you meet a number of specific criteria, which you can find under the section 'Who can work as a working student?'.
Like every other student, you will have to provide your employer with a certificate which shows the balance of your quota of days not subject to Social Security. Find out how to obtain this certificate on the page about Social Security contributions.

Who can work on campus?

All students of the University of Antwerp as long as they meet the criteria. See also 'Who can work as a student and who can't?'  The University of Antwerp gives priority to UA students for whom only solidarity contributions need to be paid.
Students who are subject to standard Social Security can only be employed with the explicit approval of the client and the Human Resources Department. 
Find out more about Social Security contributions under 'Student employment and Social Security'.

Which jobs are available on campus?

In the past year, the following jobs were available on campus:

  • data input
  • writing out interviews
  • phone interviews
  • mail dispatch work
  • stock taking
  • logistical work (e.g. moving boxes)
  • attendant jobs
  • reception activities
  • administration
  • student restaurant jobs
  • translations
  • proofreading and correction of texts
  • cleaning jobs
  • specialised research...

This is occasional work (rather than permanent jobs).

Are there any rules about working hours?

  • Employment of min. 4 hrs/day (or min. 3 hrs/day AND min. 13 hrs/week).
  • A student who is employed full-time works 38 hours a week.
  • A student may work max. 12 consecutive months a year under a student employment contract.

Do you need to print out a certificate listing your quota of days not subject to social security for on-campus jobs?

Whether you are a Belgian or a foreigner we recommend that you read all the information about Social Security contributions under 'Student employment and Social Security'.
Students wishing to work on campus at the University of Antwerp are required to submit a recent certificate showing the balance of their quota at the start of each job. The student makes sure that his or her employer receives this certificate. Based on this certificate, the Human Resources Department will know how many hours the student can still work.
Take a look at the information about the registration procedure on the website so that you can obtain a certificate if necessary! If the student cannot print this document out, he or she can also provide the employer with a code.
This code can be found on the certificate, which the student can request online at  The employer can then check the student's remaining quota using this code. This code gives the employer access to a limited section of the student's personal page at for a short period of time.

How should you apply for a job on campus?

  • Students can apply for jobs on campus with this application form (word - 50kb).
  • The student then receives job offers by email for on-campus jobs during the academic year and/or the summer holidays.
  • Each job offer consists of a short description and lists the employer's name and telephone number/email address.
  • The student then applies directly to the employer.

Which documents does the employer need to draw up? What do you need to provide yourself?

  • The employer fills out a Dimona declaration (available on the intranet for UAntwerp staff), indicating how many hours you will work.
  • The employer also draws up the student employment contract (excel). A separate contract is to be drawn up for each month. A student employment contract lasts a maximum of 12 months.
  • The student should supply his or her employer with a certificate listing his/her quota (balance of working hours not subject to Social Security) and a copy of his or her student card for that academic year.
  • At the start of their employment, foreign students should provide their employer with a copy of their ID and, if applicable, a copy of their residence permit.

The employer should send the documents to the Human Resources Department.

How much can you earn working on campus?

  • Hourly wage

Your employer can provide more information about the gross hourly wage.The solidarity contribution is 2.71% of this hourly wage.If the student is subject to Social Security then the Social Security contribution amounts to 13.07%. This is partly compensated for by the right to holiday pay.
During the first week of every month students are paid for the work they did during the previous month on condition that the required documents were provided on time to the Human Resources Department.

  • Commuting expenses

As a working student, do you use your bike or public transport to get to work? Then you are entitled to an allowance.

  • Bicycle allowance:

As a working student, do you use your bike for all or part of your journey to work? Your employer can provide you with the ‘aanvraag fietsvergoeding jobstudent’ form, which enables you to request a bicycle allowance as a working student. Fill out the form and your employer will then send it to the Human Resources Department.

  • Public transport:

The University of Antwerp also reimburses public transport expenses.  You need to fill out the form named 'aanvraag terugbetaling woon-werkverkeer openbaar vervoer jobstudenten' in this case. Do not forget to include a copy of your public transport card or your ticket. Fill out the form and your employer will then send it to the Human Resources Department.