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Reservation of cambio tokens

At komida, we want to continue to roll out our cambio system to further reduce the share of disposable packaging. That is why all of our regular customers will receive two free cambio tokens at the start of the academic year, which they can exchange for various items.
Yes, that’s right: two tokens, that you can use for the well-known cambio pot (soon available in even more shapes and sizes), as well as a lunch box or a coffee mug.
Help us to keep the system going by exchanging your cambio tools for tokens again, so we can refill them.

How to reserve?

Are you a regular customer at komida and do you want to help reduce the amount of one-way packaging? Then why not reserve your two cambio tokens, as part of this one-off campaign,

The tokens will be distributed to personnel from 23 September onwards. Students can collect their tokens between 27 September and 15 October in the komida of their choice (no earlier than two days after their reservation) upon presentation of their student card: 

  • Stadscampus 
    • komida@Stadscampus on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday
    • komida @the Big C at Het Brantijser on Thursday or Friday
  • komida@Middelheim on Monday or Tuesday
  • komida@Groenenborger on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday
  • komida@3 Eiken 'on the move' at the campus from Monday till Friday.
    You can collect your tokens at all of these locations from 11 am till 2 pm.

What is cambio? 

The cambio system is komida’s exchange system: you can choose from a reusable pot, lunchbox or coffee mug, ‘pay’ for it at the till using your token, return the dirty cambio items after lunch, and receive a new token. Next time you visit, just take clean items, which you can pay for with your cambio token. 

As of this academic year, we are even extending this exchange system to include desserts and even a number of sandwiches (in a lunchbox!). So today you might choose a salad in a cambio pot, but perhaps tomorrow you might feel like a sandwich, which you can take away in a lunchbox!