The Consultative Committee reconvened on Tuesday 26 Ocotber. The government leaders agreed on a number of measures to ensure that the rising number of COVID-19 infections is halted.
One of them is the introduction of the Covid Safe Ticket in restaurants and bars from 1 November onwards, with an update to the Covid Safe Ticket+ from 20 November onwards . From then on, this rule will also apply at the komida or Agora Caffee student restaurants and cafeterias on the UAntwerp campuses:

    • Please wear your mask when buying food or drinks at komida;
    • No Covid Safe Ticket is required;
    • You can eat your meal at the flagged seats in the auditoria, or at the seats in the building 1.5 metres apart according to the COVID-19 measures.
  • EAT-IN:
    • Please wear your mask when buying food or drinks at komida;
    • This is only possible after showing your Covid Safe Ticket and keeping your mask on while standing or walking around. It can only be taken off when seated.
    • People who take their lunch in komida are high-risk contacts of each other.

By adjusting to these measures, we can hopefully turn the tide a little and continue to guarantee education on campus.

Personnel can find this information on pintra as well.

Before you attend komida or the Agora Caffee, make sure you have a valid COVID certificate or the assurance of an alternative.

  • Do you not yet have a valid COVID certificate of recovery (11 to 180 days after positive test) or vaccination (full vaccination + 2 weeks)?  You can arrange in advance for a test certificate that is still valid when you enter komida/ the Agore Cafffee (validity of 48 hours from sample collection).
  • No quick tests are offered as an alternative to a PCR test.
  • Keep your valid COVID certificate AND your identity card available during the entire duration of the event. So, if checked, you can always prove that you meet the entry requirements.
  • komida/the Agora Caffee may , after verification of certificates, allow visitors not to wear a face mask on the premises of the event or not have to follow the distance rules.  However, always respect the rules indicated by komida and local authorities, on the way to, around AND in komida/ the Agora Caffee. We kindly ask to wear the mask, even in the Covid Safe Tiketzone while walking around.

What to bring along?

  • Bring your valid admission ticket, valid COVID certificate AND your ID- or  studentcard to the restaurant (besides of course, a face mask, which everyone should have with him/her/them at all times).
  • You can bring along the COVID certificate either on the COVIDSafe app, or printed on paper, or as a download Pdf. The COVID certificate is available free of charge to residents of Belgium. A test that leads to a test certificate may however involve a cost.