At komida you can take a seat at one of the numbered places.
Register your presence by scanning the QR code on the table.
Please note: Everyone registers themselves. One registration is therefore for one person.

If you would like to have lunch in the afternoon, komida will also provide that.
Make sure you have ordered and paid online before 9.30 am.
You can of course also order a meal to heat up at home or in your student room.

Register (and order) via the buttons below. Make sure to choose the correct campus.
If you visit this platform for the first time, keep this in mind:

  • To log in, enter your UAntwerp email address
  • The first time you enter the site, click immediately on "lost password?". Accounts are already made for UAntwerp students and personnel.
  • You will receive an email in your UAntwerp mailbox containing a link to set your password.
    Note: use your UAntwerp address to get the correct discount for ordering food and drinks: or