We differentiate between

  • the cost of studying, which is a direct consequence of your actual studies (college material, housing and transport )
  • the cost of living, which always arises regardless of the situation (food, leisure) 


Temporary lodging:

  • The cost of staying at a hostel is between €20 and €25 per night for a bed in a dormitory, and around €35 per night for a single room. 
  • The price of a single or double room in hotels is around  €55 to €90 per night, breakfast included.

Foods & drinks

Restaurants and bars

Fast food such as pita, fries or pizza can be purchased for under €10 at several places all over town. Fast-food chains are also a cheap option. Dinner at a regular restaurant can cost between €15 and €30.

Note: Tipping isn’t mandatory. Contrary to social custom in other countries, neglecting to tip your waiter in Belgium doesn’t automatically make you a monster.


Belgium has plenty of supermarket chains to choose from. Many will have in-store bakeries that sell a selection of bread and pastries. Some examples: Delhaize, Lidl, Colruyt, Aldi, Carrefour, Albert Heijn…

Leisure costs

Wondering what to do during your spare time in Belgium?

The leisure costs depend on the activities you choose. Here are some average prices for tickets:

  • Cinema ticket: 12 euro
  • Museum ticket: 11 euro
  • Theme park ticket: 32 euro
  • Public swimming pool ticket: 4-5 euro  
  • Escape room ticket: 30 euro

Discover many activities here: 

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•            Visit Flanders 

-26 discounts

Many museums, exhibitions and public institutions will give a discount to  students and/or anyone under 26 years old. Make sure you have your student card or ID on you when museum-hopping to experience the works of Magritte, Rubens and other iconic Belgians at a bargain.