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Rent a study room during the exam period?

If you don't have a quiet place to study at home or find it difficult to commute during the exam period, you might be interested in a study room. The university has a small number of individual student rooms with communal kitchens and bathrooms where you can stay overnight and/or study.

Where and when?

  • From the beginning of June until the end of August: TPC next to Campus Groenenborger
  • From the beginning of June until the end of August: Eclips I within walking distance of the Stadscampus 

Rental period?

  • At least two weeks and maximum two months


  • TPC: EUR 205 for two weeks and EUR 320 for a month (including all costs)
  • Eclips I: EUR 205 for two weeks and EUR 355 for a month (including all costs)


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