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Campus poet: Noor Intisar

Zainab el Hejazi is a doctoral researcher and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics of the University of Antwerp and at the VU University Amsterdam.

She publishes a new poem every month, under the name Noor Intisar.

After graduating in Biomedical Sciences and Health Management in Amsterdam, Zainab took the step to continue her research at the University of Antwerp. In her research she focuses on emotional resilience of entrepreneurs and the influence of personality on internationalisation.

During her studies in Amsterdam, Zainab came bumped against a glass ceiling: the adolescent version of the midlife crisis (read quart-life crisis). What she wanted to do after her studies was not yet exactly clear to her. Working as a healthcare consultant or clinical research associate was the path many chose for her (with the same study background). She also thought she would choose this path, until after a personal setback she started her first book of poetry "Blackbox". Just going on and on and doing what others did was absolutely no longer an option from her emotional point of view. In over 300 poems she took her readers (mainly through social media such as instagram noor.intisar) into her process of identity discovery and formation. After winning an essay prize (about the difference between sympathy and empathy) she was selected to start her poetry at the VU. In six months time she wrote a dozen poems for the VU University under the name Noor Intisar.

She combined her poetry at the VU University with a graduation internship at McKinsey & Company in Amsterdam. During this internship she investigated the emotional resilience of excellent students and starters at the so-called "Big Four accountacy firms" based on concepts from clinical practice. Her passion to do research in Economic Sciences, with concepts from Health Management, led her to Antwerp.