The University of Antwerp organises a one-on-one opportunity to give new international students, researchers and staff a warm welcome in Belgium and facilitate an enriching intercultural experience. 

Arriving in a new country can be challenging!

Organising housing, getting your papers and administration sorted out, finding your way around the city and at your new university campus… It’s often a stressful period. This without mentioning the whole new social network you need to build up and getting to know the city, country and culture.

UAntwerp's BuddyProject offers international students, researchers and staff a warm welcome in Belgium and facilitates an enriching intercultural experience, both for the international buddies as for the hosts who participate.

International incoming students, researchers and staff are paired with (Belgian) hosts. Once buddies are matched, they are free to work out themselves how they meet, where and how often.

So, if you feel like sharing cultural experiences, practising a language, undertaking joint activities or hobbies, sign up as a host or buddy!


Hosts are participants who are familiar with life in Antwerp or Belgium.

As a host you welcome an international incoming student, researcher or staff member in Antwerp. During informal activities you get to know each other’s culture, practise your language skills and add value to your buddy’s Belgian stay, as well as enrich your own cultural experience. You can determine the frequency of buddy meetings yourself when setting up your profile, so that the expectations are clear on both sides.


Buddies are all new and recently arrived international incoming students, researchers and staff members who would like to get to know life in Antwerp and who want to meet a local host!

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