The new academic year is just around the corner. This year, we are looking forward to it more than usual, because we will once again be able to welcome you all on campus. Finally! 

The Flemish universities and colleges have been given the green light to switch back to the normal teaching conditions from before the COVID-19 pandemic, albeit with the safety measures in mind. UAntwerp is therefore going all out for education on campus for everyone, although we might still be wearing masks in lecture halls and classrooms. Where it makes sense and is feasible, we will still use lesson recordings, but we would like to start from face-to-face teaching and from there build up everything together.

At the same time, our study programmes will be using new teaching methods and materials that have received positive feedback over the last year. Examples include supporting videos, detailed model answers and samples, extra opportunities to practice, and online question-and-answer sessions. We want to use a mix of different teaching and assessment methods that will enhance the education we provide as a whole. This mix is what’s known as blended learning.

The University of Antwerp recommends getting vaccinated. This will reduce the spread of the virus and allow us to resume our daily activities in the best possible way, including at the university.