This activity has ended (for the moment). If new dates are planned, they will be posted here. Be sure to follow the Instagram page of the STIP @uantwerpenstip to stay informed of all activities.

‘Strong together – exams edition’ will bring together you and your fellow students during daily check-in and check-out moments to give you a boost of energy before the exam period starts. During short online moments (of 15 minutes) you get the chance to hear each other's best study tips, motivate each other, or just relax together for a moment.

Groups of students from each faculty will meet online for one week for a check-in (at 9am) and a check-out (at 5pm). Students from all disciplines and all years can register: you will always be assigned to groups with fellow students who are following a similar study programme. You can also register together with one or more fellow students. In that case, be sure to mention in the comments of the registration form that you would like to be grouped together.  

Check below when you can participate in 'Strong together – Exams edition' per faculty:​​

Monday 10/05 - Friday 15/05

  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Science 
  • Faculty of Law (Closing event on Monday 17/05)
  • ​Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Monday 17/05 - Friday 21/05

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences
  • Faculty of Design Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts 
  • Faculty of Applied Engineering 
  • ​Faculty of Business and Economics ​