This activity has ended (for the moment). If new dates are planned, they will be posted here. Be sure to follow the Instagram page of the STIP @uantwerpenstip to stay informed of all activities.

​All initiatives also take place in English, so international students are very welcome to participate!

Do you want to get to know your fellow students and make the world a nicer place at the same time?  

 Then register here to go 'plogging' together, an initiative of Green Office.  

The plogging walks start at Campus Middelheim and Campus Groenenborger. Here, you will receive the materials you need to go 'ploggin'. The walks take place at:

Campus Middelheim

Campus Middelheim​​

  • Wednesday 31 March at 2 pm

Campus Groenenborger

Campus Groenenborger

  • ​Wednesday 31 March at 10 am

‘Plogging' is picking up litter during a nice walk (anywhere anytime). You can enjoy nature and keep your surroundings clean at the same time, a win-win! You often get a lot of compliments and positive reactions from passers-by during the walk. One level higher is the combination of jogging and picking up litter at the same time. (You will also receive a small thank-you gift from Green Office after the event).