Start to Rubi

Are you ready to Rubi? 

On Thursday 14 October at 19:00, the students of UAntwerpen are welcome in the Arenberg for a comedy night full of lite jokes by Sergej, Manu and Dara. 

What's the price? No charge! This is a gift from UAntwerp for its students. Reservations are required. Register and Start to Rubi: start your cultural adventure at UAntwerpen.

Manu Moreau

"He started out on stage as a faint-hearted pleaser, but by now he enjoys shining the spotlight on others at least as much. As host/MC (master of ceremony) at WordWa(a)r, You On Stage and also Grab The Mic, he regularly bridges the gap between artists. Sometimes even at poetry, theatre and music festivals. Tonight he warms everything up before our headliner breaks it down!"

Sergej Lopouchanski

"Sergej has been a regular in the Flemish comedy landscape for a few years now. As a finalist of Lunatcis Comedy Award and over-enthusiastic MC of many an open-mic evening in Flanders, he belongs to one of the great talents of the new batch of Flemish comedians. As a first-generation immigrant from the Soviet Union, he combines striking observations about Flemish life with a childish playfulness that his appearance does not suggest. A teddy bear with a mean side, that's all you need in your humour, isn't it?"

Dara Sheikhi

"Dara Sheikhi was born in Aleppo, Syria. In 2015, he fled the war and arrived in Belgium. He spent the first nine months in the refugee centre in Kapellen. In 2017, he and other refugees processed his experiences in the successful theatre performance Dying For Life. Dara is a biochemist by training and previously had nothing to do with culture. After turning into an actor, he now ventures into stand-up comedy."