Undergraduate studies

In Mexico, most undergraduate studies last at least 4 years, divided into semesters or quarters, depending on the college or university, and lead to a Bachelor's degree (Licenciatura).

In some careers like architecture, medicine or engineering the Licenciatura may take up five years, in medical studies six years. The Licenciatura is completed with a final exam and a thesis. If you do a Masters (Maestría) after your Licenciatura, this can often replace the thesis of the Licenciatura (which means you finish your Licenciatura studies, then go onto a Masters degree and get your final Licenciatura degree together with your Masters degree).

The Mexican Licenciatura is often compared to a US-Bachelor degree, though in reality the studies are longer than those of a Bachelor. Many Mexican students finish their studies with their Licenciatura and start working in a professional field because of the more specialized nature of their Bachelor's degree.

Although in theory every graduate of a Licenciatura is a Licenciate (Licenciado, abbreviated Lic.) of his or her profession, it is common to use different titles for common professions such as Engineering and Architecture.