AIRbezen@School 2018

In 2019 and 2020 AIRbezen is going (back) to school! Together with more then 400 schools we're measuring air quality in all of Flanders!

We have already tested air quality in smal villages, towns and larger cities. We went abroad: to the Netherlands and Spain. We even tested the air quality of an entire province. But this time we want it even bigger: we want to map the air quality of the whole of Flanders. Moreover, we want to aim the project exclusively to schools. We are looking for at least four hundred (400!) enthusiastic classes who want to take on this challenge with us.

Four hundred classes and schools, that’s a huge amount of small (and larger) scientists. Every participating class receives the support to not only measure, but also analyze the measurement results and thus, together with us, to chart the air quality itself. In this way we want to involve children and young people in science and air quality, as real citizen scientists.

Why AIRbezen@School?

The purpose of AIRbezen@School is two-fold:

  • We want to draw attention to air quality and the wider issues surrounding it. Despite the enormous impact of air pollution on our health - but also on our ecosystems and the climate - the knowledge about this pollution is rather limited. AIRbezen@School wants to provide teachers with tools to get started with students, to provide knowledge and to raise awareness about this matter. Moreover, informing and encouraging children has an immediate impact on sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents and friends; children can form a fast and important lever for behavioral change in their environment.
  • AIRbezen@School responds to the current attention for STEM in education by introducing students with an important theme. With this citizen science project we want to inspire children and young people, the adults of the future, with a practical approach for scientific research.