Research units

Research Centre for Visual Poetics
University of Antwerp
Faculty of Arts, Literature Department, Theatre and Film studies

  • VANHOUTTE Kurt - Principal investigator
  • JONCKHEERE Evelien - Postdoc WP2: Magic Lantern in Popular Entertainment | General B-magic project administrator
  • LENK Sabine - Postdoc WP1: The Magic Lantern, the Catholic Church and the Good Citizen


Centre for Urban History
University of Antwerp
Faculty of Arts, Department of History


Cultural History since 1750
KU Leuven
Faculty of Arts, History Department

  • WILS Kaat - Principal investigator
  • TEUGHELS Nelleke - Postdoc WP1: Between Instruction and Delight: the Magic Lantern in the Late 19th-century and Early 20th-century Belgian Visual Media Landscape
  • EGELMEERS Wouter - PhD WP1: Magic Lantern Educational Series and the Modernization of School Teaching in Belgium


MuCiA - CiASp (Cinéma et Arts du spectacle)
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Faculté de Lettres, Traduction et Communication (LTC) - Arts du spectacle

  • NASTA Dominique - Principal investigator
  • LENK Sabine - Postdoc WP1: The Religious and the Spiritual: the Magic Lantern in the Hands of the Freemasons
  • MOENS Bart - PhD WP3: Emotions on Demand: Structures of Sentiment in Lantern Series and their Performance


THEA | Theatricality and the Real
Université Libre de Bruxelles
Faculté de Lettres, Traduction et Communication (LTC) - Arts du spectacle

  • VANHAESEBROUCK Karel - Principal investigator
  • WYNANTS Nele - Postdoc WP4: The Magic Lantern Experience: Mapping Cultural Exchanges between Slide-producing Countries and Belgium
  • VAN HASSEL Marte - PhD WP4: Projecting the Other. Colonial Representations and Missionary Propaganda in Belgian Magic Lantern Culture


Observatoire de recherche sur les médias et le journalisme (ORM)
Université Catholique de Louvain
COMU - Ecole de Communication

  • MARION Philippe - Principal investigator
  • FEVRY Sébastien
  • MAJSOVA Natalija - Postdoc WP3: Self-made Slides: Iconic Appropriation and Discursive Reframing
  • WERRY Adeline - PhD WP3: Reading Slides: the Rhetoric of Image, Text and Performance


School of Arts - HoGent
Department of Film, Photography and Drama


Media History
Utrecht University
Department of Media and Culture Studies, Media and Performance Studies


Projecting Knowledge Partners UU


Independant Volunteer

  • Kristien Van Damme