Transatlantic Literatures

Director: Jean-Marc Moura
Professeur des universités
Université Paris Ouest
200 avenue de la République
92000 Nanterre, France

This comparative study of literatures in the Atlantic will consider the transnational literary networks between Africa, America, the Caribbean and Europe, in the 20th century. After World War I, francophone and “Commonwealth literatures” have spread and developed growing relations. Simultaneously, the writers were influenced by (and influenced in return) Hispanic, Lusophone and Dutch authors. Thus, the Atlantic became the place for some of the major transformations of world literature, be it Negritude, “Magical Realism” or Créolité. These literary migrations have been studied on a national or a regional level but no study has been attempted on the scale of the Atlantic, although these literary creations should be interpreted in this general perspective.
In the spirit of the recent developments of the Atlantic History and of the Oceanic Studies, an intercontinental team of researchers in comparative literature will describe and analyze the history and reception of the literary works, the literary movements and the major authors. This research will lead to the publication of two volumes on a history of Transatlantic literatures in the 20th century.