The project will start with an inception meeting in Antwerp to get to know all the partners, discuss the project, the different responsibilities and activities and to set up the partnership agreement.

Next, a technical workshop on PBL will be held in Kingston, Jamaica. This workshop aims to exchange and discuss teaching experiences, to select best practices, to develop a common understanding of PBL, resulting in the development of the PBL guidelines for the implementation of the CITYLAB modules in the HEI.

National seminars will be organized per partner country to disseminate the principles of PBL and the Citylab module(s) to different target groups.

During a three day CITYLAB workshop in Copenhagen, the developed CITYLAB modules will be discussed and refined: implementation strategies, encountered difficulties, improvements, etc. 

The final event will be the Final conference  - PBL 4 Sustainable Cities - at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad.