PBL Experimentation Lab (for teachers)

This course is for teachers that desire to engage students more actively in a problem-oriented way in their teaching approaches in ongoing or new courses or projects at university level. Problem-Based Learning (PBL) represents a widely recognised learning approach to engage students better in the learning process. This course aims to inform and inspire you on how to further integrate PBL-oriented ideas of teaching into the courses that you are teaching. In the course you play an active role as a learner, since you need to define yourself, what you need to learn about PBL in order to begin practicing it. You will learn PBL along the way of doing it. As a result, you should see our course as a resource bank, where you can find inspiration and support for taking new steps in how you integrate PBL into your own courses. 

The course exists of 7 modules each consisting of guidelines and learning activities which encourage you to actively reflect on your specific situation and context. Besides, there are  inspirational videos and background literature available per module to support the learning process. 

Course structure

1. Introduction to Problem Based Learning

2. Problem-orientation based on real-life projects

3. Interdisciplinary approach to learning

4. Teaching approaches

5. Teacher and student roles in PBL

6. Learning environment and equipment

7. Assessment and Feedback

Want to participate?

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