PBL Learning Lab (for students)

The PBL Learning Lab is an inspirational course for students attending Problem Based Learning courses or projects.

Universities all over the world are implementing a student-centered model for learning, because it has proven to be effective in developing crucial skills among students for their future working life. Through these experiences, students will develop abilities to engage more productively and effectively in team-based project work and to develop a critical and holistic approach on how to understand and frame complex problems within a project.

Problem-Based Learning typically challenges student skills on three key dimensions:

  • How to push the boundaries of current knowledge in the delimitation of the project (the problem-based approach)
  • How to ensure that the project is motivating to work on and builds on the pillars of interdisciplinary efforts  (the team approach)  
  • How to reach a deadline in time based on continuous learning and adaptation of the project (the management approach).

Course structure

1. How to learn to work in a problem-oriented way

2. About PBL

3. Project Management

4. Problem-definition

5. Interdisciplinary teamwork

6. Citylab CAR Student competition

Want to participate?

Are you a student involved in a PBL course at one of the Citylab CAR universities?
Are you interested in following this course?
Please register through the online link: https://forms.gle/QMy4vQpLnDTCpFWD6

Do you have any further questions about the course?
Please contact nina.dejonghe@uantwerpen.be