To achieve these goals, the project has set several objectives:

•To build capacities of academic staff to understand and implement problem based learning approaches, through the organization of technical training, online training , expert counceling/orientation, and desing of guidelines. 

•To develop and implement accredited problem-based learning CITYLAB modules in existing curricula: we will develop in total 12 CITYLAB modules in 12 HEI’s in Latin America. The CITYLAB modules will be accredited and integrated in existing curricula and will act as innovation niches.

•To develop competences and skills in students to work in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary settings on complex urban problems in the CITYLAB modules: at each universty students from different faculties will participate in the CITYLABS with colleagues from other faculties working in group.

•To stimulate interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary teaching through the CITYLAB modules: we will set up 12 interdisciplinary campus teams in 12 HEI’s to stimulate cross faculty collaboration and which will be responsible for developing and running the modules. We will develop partnerships between universities and cities as the CITYLABS will work on real urban problems in the partnership with cities. This will enable the spread the niche innovation throughout the instititions.

•To integrate, develop and disseminate knowledge on Problem Based Learning among academic staff in Latin America and Europe: we will discuss different experiences in PBL to generate a common understanding of the principles of PBL and good practice. The output will be disseminated among partners and the wider public.

•To set up a structural link between CITYLAB modules and city actors and associations: we will organize a dialogue/exploratory interviews with city actors and associations and we will set up a CITYLAB competition among universities.