Project guidelines

These (non-exhaustive) Guidelines are an essential tool that complements the rules and regulations set out in the Grant Agreement and its annexes as well as the partnership agreement. They provide guidance with regards to the implementation of the activities and the use of the grant funded under the Erasmus + programme.

These guidelines must be applied in full compliance with the Erasmus + Programme Guide. (Call 2015, version 3 in English; Call 2015, version in Spanish)

Project guidelines

Project management



The table below provides an overview when the cost reimbursement will take place and which outputs need to be provided in order to receive the corresponding amount.

Reimbursement basis

Budget Headings

Documents to retain with project accounts at each institute

Documents to be send to the coordinator

Actual costs


  • Invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Tendering procedure (>25.000€)
  • Proof of recorded in the inventory of the institution
  • Copy of invoices
  • Copy of bank statements
  • Tendering procedure (>25.000€)
  • Proof of recorded in the inventory of the institution
  • Reporting template



  • Subcontracts
  • Invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Tendering procedure (>25.000€)
  • Tangible outputs/products
  • Subcontracts
  • Invoices
  • Bank statements
  • Tendering procedure (>25.000€)
  • Tangible outputs/products
  • Reporting template

Unit costs


  • Formal employment contract
  • Staff convention
  • Time sheets
  • Tangible outputs
  • Agendas
  • Attendance / Participant lists
  • Minutes of meeting


Travel and costs of stay

  • Individual travel report
  • Original invoices
  • Original boarding passes
  • Original receipts

Reporting documents

Individual travel report
Staff convention
Time sheets
Reporting template

Third party remuneration and expenses
(individual reimbursement Inception meeting)


Any communication, publication or output resulting from the project, made by the beneficiaries jointly or individually, including at conferences, seminars or in any information or promotional materials (such as brochures, leaflets, posters, presentations, etc.), must indicate that the project has received European Union funding. This means that all material produced for project activities, training material, projects websites, special events, posters, leaflets, press releases, CD ROMs, etc. must carry the Erasmus+ logo and mention: "Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union".

Download the Erasmus+ logo

Download the CITYLAB logo

Application form

CITYLAB : Engaging Students with Sustainable Cities in Latin‐America


Final Report Inception meeting

Citylab Module

Template for the Citylab module

Deadline for submission: 20.06.2016 

PBL Guidelines

PBL guidelines (version September 2016)

Reimbursement Staff costs

A Staff Convention needs to be completed for each person employed by the project.

The convention must be signed by the person performing the activity then countersigned and stamped by the person responsible (e.g. rector, dean) in the institution that employed this person.

For staff performing different categories of tasks a separate convention must be signed for each type of activity

The Staff Convention has a specific number which should correspond to the number in the “Staff overview template”.

The number consist out of two parts:

  • PXX + SXX
  • P(partner number) + S(staff number)

Every Staff convention has to be accompanied with a separate time sheet.

Mid term Evaluation

Final report Technical Workshop


Project team meeting Buenos Aires

Day 1

Introduction - by Tom Coppens, UA

La agenda urbana y la importancia de los ODS para las ciudades y gobiernos locales: ¿dónde están las oportunidades? - by Edgardo Bilsky, UCLG

Presentación, resultados preliminares de la indagación sobre experiencias de colaboración universidades y ciudades en América Latina. - by Kelly Henao, UCLG & Columbus

Presentación de experiencias exitosas de Colaboración entre Universidades y Ciudades.
Panel 1: experiencia de la ciudad de Córdoba
Presentation by Germán Gustavo Rebord, Jefe de Departamento Cartografía, Dirección de Catastro - Municipalidad de Córdoba. Adjunto a Cargo de la Cátedra Práctica Profesional Asistida en Hábitat Popular Facultad de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Diseño de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.
Presentation by Héctor Dastoli, Director de la Dirección de Presupuesto participativo y Juntas de participación Vecinal de la Municipalidad de Córdoba.

Day 2

Introduction - by Tom Coppens

Committee 1 - Student competition - by Carlos Aparicio

Committee 5 - practical organization - by Stijn Rybels & Maria Jimena Rodriguez Pinzon   


Project team meeting - by Stijn Rybels

Final Evaluation

External Evaluation Final Report
Created by COLUMBUS ASSOCIATION, November 2018

Minutes of meeting Bogota