Citylab conference Bogota

The final conference 'PBL for Sustainable Cities' has been hosted by the University of Rosario in Bogota.  The purpose of the conference was to disseminate insights and stimulate academic discussion on Problem Based Learning methods. The conference was open for academic scholars with paper sessions and involved at the same time a range of European and Latina American professors to share their ideas and expierences on PBL in round table sessions.

In addition, the work of students envolved in the PBL modules got exposed during a student fair as part of the Citylab student competition. An interdisciplinary jury involving academics and professionals, selected the winning student teams.  


The conferece was organized in the main campus of the University and is located in the Candelaria neighborhood, in the historical and cultural center of Bogotá the capital of Colombia.

Universidad del Rosario
Main campus
Calle 12C No. 6-25
Bogotá D.C. Colombia


Keynote speakers

Erik de Graaff

Erik de Graaff (PhD) is trained as a psychologist and he has been working in educational research and development for about 40 years. After stepping back from a professorship he is now appointed as adjugeret professor at the Aalborg Centre for Problem Based Learning in Engineering Science and Sustainability under the auspices of UNESCO.

Throughout his career he contributed to the promotion of knowledge and understanding of higher engineering education with numerous publications and through active participation in professional organizations like SEFI, IGIP, IFEES and ALE. In the course of his career he published over 200 articles and papers and he presented more than 70 keynotes and invited lectures on various topics related to PBL in higher education. He was Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Engineering Education January 2008 – January 2018.

Terry Maguire

Dr Terry Maguire is an Irish educator and senior manager who is actively committed to how teaching and learning can transform individual lives. She has led the development of the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning now regarded as an essential component of the national-level infrastructure for higher education in Ireland.  She is the creator of the internationally-renowned initiative Maths Eyes devised to demystify mathematics and demonstrate its importance in everyday life.

Rogier van den Berg

Rogier van den Berg has been working for over 17 years as an architect, urban planner, managing director, academic, entrepreneur and diplomat. He has a broad experience and knowledge in sustainable urban development and in 'making cities'. He advises national, regional and local governments and private sector industries on urban plans, projects, policies and innovation. Currently he is Head of UN-Habitat's Urban Lab in Nairobi operating in over 50 countries globally. The Urban Lab provides integrated solutions to cities. Rogier manages the global team, works as an urban specialist with cities and is leading global programmes such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Future Cities Prosperity Programme. Previously he has been: director of Zandbelt&vandenBerg an architecture and urbanism office in Rotterdam, Head of the Department of Urbanism at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and lecturer at Delft University of Technology, chair of regional design and metropolitan strategies. Besides his global urban operations he is partner of a boutique architecture firm with his wife BERG+KLEIN. 

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