Design from Recycling: Determinator Box

The Determinator Box contains a variety of tools for the product developer who wishes to delve into Design from Recycling.

There is the Design Manual, which clearly introduces and explores the method’s principles. This design manual is complemented by two case studies in the Design Experience guides, walking the reader through two distinct cases with industrially available recycled materials, namely recycled mixed polyolefins (MPO) and recycled ABS.

Finally, a tactile experience of some recycled materials is provided by the Determinators, injection moulding products that allow designers to experience the material first-hand for properties that are not so easily expressed by numbers.

This Determinator is included in 15 different materials, both virgin and recycled. Every single Determinator is accompanied by a material identity card, containing the technical data sheet, a user-centred evaluation and quick comparison to other material types.

Order your own Determinator Box

Our research results are now available in the form of a Determinator Box that you can order through this link.

  • One Determinator Box costs € 250 excl. VAT (€ 302,5 incl. VAT).
  • Were you a partner of the TETRA project 'Design from Recycling? Then it is only € 200 excl. VAT (€ 242 incl. VAT) per Box.