2016-17 Workshop Program

  • 2016/10/14, 2 pm Els De Maeijer (Fontys University of Applied Science): The power of Open Innovation discourse in industry-academia collaborative meetings. Venue: KULeuven, Campus St Andries (Antwerp)
  • 2016/12/09, 2 pm Annelise Ly (Dept. of Professional and Intercultural Communication, Norwegian School of Economics): Making Sense of Interview Data. Venue: Ghent University, Hoveniersberg 24, 1st floor, Room 1.3 Fernand Rogiers
  • 2017/02/17, 2 pm Peter Rober (Interfaculty Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies, KU Leuven): Letters from the PoW camp. Venue: University of Antwerp, Room A-108.
  • 2017/05/12, 2 pm Laura Calabrese (Linguistics Centre, ULB) & Catherine Bouko (Dept. of Translation, Interpreting, and Communication, Ghent University): Cartoons as interdiscourses. Venue: Ghent University
Affiche 2016-17