The alumni of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree EGEI have proved to be highly successful, both in academia and in securing senior positions in business, government or international organisations, including the EU.

Especially in academia, the alumni of the programme are doing very well. A sizeable number of them have obtained PhDs or are engaged in PhD programmes, or have secured positions in the research and teaching staff of universities. More than 30 Advanced Master EITEI/EGEI alumni have obtained a PhD, and more than a dozen others are expected to obtain a PhD in the coming years.

Based on a 2011 survey, the alumni of the Master's Degree EGEI show up in the following employment sectors:

International organisations (other than the EU) 3,40%
European Commission 5,53%
Commerce | International 7,66%
Finance | Banking 20,00%
Government 7,66%
Industry 5,53%
Services | Consulting 16,17%
University (staff member) 14,89%
University (PhD student) 13,62%
Other 5,53%