The EPS Staff & Expertise overview

EPS project supervisors, lecturers and technical experts:

Dr. Regan Watts: an academic staff member in Product Development in UAntwerpen, who contributes to teaching and research in the Technology-Driven Design programme. He is also involved in the European Project Semester (EPS) programme, supervising group projects on renewable energy and STEM education. Originally from New Zealand, he has a PhD in Physics from the University of Auckland. He was a founding member of an academic start-up company Southern Photonics Ltd spun out of the University of Auckland in 2002, creating instrumentation for the fiber optic market. I worked in photonics research in Europe for half a decade and bought in research grants from the European commission and ESA. He also previously held an academic appointment in Asia teaching "Innovation & Entrepreneurship" and "Engineering Design". Over the last ten years he has performed industrial consultancy, business advisory for start-up enterprises, and provided governmental consultation on commercialisation policy for research.

Marieke van Camp: Researcher and design coach in user centred design. Within her doctoral study at Product Development she has participated in research programmes from VLAIO in collaboration with the Flemish industry. Her research focuses on the interaction with interactive and connected products, aiming to develop enhanced (hybrid) interfaces and experiences, without excluding the user from his/her physical and social context. Next to user centred design, and design research methods, she is also experienced in the use of empirical methodologies for accurately measuring the user experience. Her teaching responsibilities include User Centred Design (3BA), Applied Research Methodology (1MA) and Design for Interaction (1MA).

Dries de Roeck: After graduating as a Master in Product Development (Antwerp, Belgium) Dries further specialised in design research and (interactive) prototyping. Over the years he became interested in how people integrate and use digital technology in their daily lives and how people with varying backgrounds can be involved in the creation or modification of products that embrace technology. In his work, he loves to walk the thin line between conceptual thinking and creating with focus. Since summer 2009 he is pursuing his PhD in Product Development at the University of Antwerp. His research is done in close collaboration with the University of Leuven and design office studiodott. His PhD research aims at supporting industrial designers in the creation of products that blend digital and non-digital realms. Looking at several sociotechnical tendencies, being able to experiment with digital technology in combination with non-digital elements is becoming a key competence for the future of industrial design. His research explores how such product ideas can be better defined and prototyped by industrial designers using Do-it-Yourself inspired tools & methods. His work addresses interactive prototyping. Online: At the design office:

Dr. Els Du Bois is assistant professor at the University of Antwerp, faculty of Design Sciences, department of Product Development. She completed her master in Product Development in 2009 at the Artesis University College and next her PhD in 2013 at the Delft University of Technology. Within the research group of product development, she is one of the coordinating members of the research on design for sustainability. Her research interests includes in-depth optimization of a specific product life cycle phase, as well as complete life cycle optimization of new types of products such as complex product service systems. Moreover, she coaches Bachelor and Master students (product development§ and engineering) in both design and research assignments concerning design for sustainability and material-related design.

Guido Giebens holds a master degree in Chemical Engineering from the Catholic University of Leuven, and a special degree in environmental sciences from the Free University of Brussels. Over the years, he has has worked successively in industry, as a TQM  consultant and a university knowledge transfer and incubator manager. Guido is part-time lecturer at the Faculty of Design Sciences of the University of Antwerp, where he lectures on Quality Management and Innovative Problem Solving with TRIZ. During his career he has worked with people from several countries and backgrounds and has built up experience of dealing with the challenges of new product development in different industries. He coaches the master students in product development and the EPS students in the field of business development and has been the supervisor of EPS projects about online security for Earnst&Young and for the EPS projects about renewable energy for Technopolis (The Energy wizards).

Dr. Achiel Standaert is lecturer and design coach at University of Antwerp, Faculty of Design Sciences, Product Development. He studied marketing (Ghent College, 1977) and psychology (University of Ghent, 1985). Achiel Standaert earned his PhD at Delft University of Technology (2004) with a study on cognitive fixation in product usage. His teaching and research activities focus on usability and product-user interaction.

Dr. Daniël Lacko has been a doctoral researcher at the University of Antwerp and is now working for a start-up together with a multidisciplinary team on high-tech medical applications and products. He graduated as a M. Sc. in Applied Engineering: Electronics-ICT in June 2011. For his master thesis, he worked in an international team of engineers and industrial designers on an EPS project about the use of smart textiles in health care. During this project, he became interested in product design and has now been awarded a joint PhD in Product Development/Biomedical Sciences at the University of Antwerp (Product Development research group and Vision Lab) and the KU Leuven (Computational Neuroscience). His research is about the application of 3D shape models to improve the design of head-centered products, with a specific focus on Brain-Computer Interfaces. For EPS 2014, he has been co-supervisor for the 3D Headmod team and in 2015 he has supervised the Red Cross EPS Team.

Lore Veelaert finalised her Bachelor in Product Development in 2013 as a EPS participant working on the successful project CoolTour and graduated as a Master in 2015. Afterwards she started working as a research assistant on the Design from Recycling project at the University of Antwerp, faculty of Design Sciences, department of Product Development. In addition, she is also assisting in bachelor as well as master design courses such as Sustainable Design, Design for Sustainability, Applied Research Methods, etc. In 2018 she will start as a doctoral researcher on the topic of continuous materials selection throughout the industrial design engineering process and the bridging of both technical and user-centred characteristics of plastic materials.

Steve Vanlanduit is head of the department of Electromechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Applied Engineering. He teaches several courses in engineering, including acoustics, mechanics, industrial vision and offshore energy. His main expertise is in the field of wind tunnel testing, vibration engineering and industrial vision. The main application fields were his research is used in practice are manufacturing techniques,  automotive engineering, aeronautics and wind energy. Steve is actively involved in the organization of different STEM workshops (on wind energy, solar energy and airship design).

General EPS coordinator for the University of Antwerp:

Sarah Rohaert: After 11 months as an exchange student in Brazil, studying Chemical Engineering, Sarah enrolled and graduated as a Master in Product Development (Antwerp, Belgium). In 2006 she started to work for an international B2B company in Portugal, developing complete packaging solutions in collaboration with sales and production from all over Europe, China and South America. In September 2009 she obtained a 50% grant to start her Phd research (a double PhD at the University of Antwerp and the TU Delft), which she combines with a  job as first Artesis' and then University of Antwerp’s coordinator of the European Project Semester Program and a 20 % job as an USOS collaborator, connecting the campus to the global South . Her main research interests include knowledge management approaches related to New Product Development in multidisciplinary teams in small and medium enterprises. She teaches various courses at the faculty of design sciences (Product & engineering, Product & analysis, Packaging design, Teambuilding) and at various partner universities of the EPS network (Project Management, Minding the (design/stakeholders) gap), has been cosupervising master thesis students and coaching several EPS teams as a project supervisor and discipline expert since 2011.


Industrial liaisons:

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