Info for grantees

Congratulations on your EUROSA scholarship nomination! 

The EUROSA scholarship includes a monthly subsistence allowance, a return ticket, insurance coverage and also covers participation fees if applicable. 

  • Monthly subsistence allowance: the allowance will be transferred into your bank account in monthly instalments. South African grant holders will therefore need to open a bank account upon arrival in Europe. Your European host university will provide the necessary information on how to open an account before or upon arrival. For European grant holders, the monthly allowance will be transferred into the European bank account. They do not need to open a bank account in South Africa.
  • Insurance coverage: the EUROSA programme provides insurance coverage (health, travel and third party liability) for the entire duration of your study or research period spent at your host university through the AON Insurance scheme. The University of Antwerp will register you and will send you the insurance attestation as soon as your travel dates are known. 
  • Air ticket: the EUROSA programme covers one return ticket in economy class from the home country to the host country. You are not allowed to book the ticket via a travel agency of your choice. Please note that you may neither demand a specific airline, nor business/first class. Extra luggage that is not included in your ticket will not be covered by your scholarship. Once your travel arrangements have been confirmed and you have received your ticket, it is not possible to change it. Should there be any special circumstances that require a rebooking of your flight, such as not receiving your visa on time, you need to contact the coordinating team for their approval. It is only the coordinating team that can communicate a request for rebooking to the travel agency. If applicable, visa application costs can also be reimbursed by the leftover of the travel budget. These costs can only be claimed by handing over the original receipts upon arrival at your host university. 
  • Participation fees: the EUROSA programme can cover tuition fees up to 3.000 EUR for degree seeking master students and for PhD students. Tuition fees will be paid directly to the host university.