Action management

Chair and Vice-Chair

Prof. Ludovic Martin is the Chair of the Action.

He is a dermatologist at the University Hospital of Angers, France. He graduated (MD and PhD) at the University of Tours, France.

Since 2010, he is Full Prof. and Head of the Dept. of Dermatolology. He dedicates most of his time to Pediatric Dermatology and Genodermatoses, but his Department also provides care covering inflammatory and neoplastic skin diseases.

His major area of research (for so many years…) is pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). Hence, he has created in Angers a multidisciplinary group aiming at providing comprehensive and innovative care to PXE patients (n=200). He is also interested in various mouse and cell models of the disease. All activities are housed in Angers University Hospital and MitoVasc team at Angers School of Medicine (Daniel Henrion, PharmD, PhD, Head).

Tamas Aranyi is the Vice-Chair of the Action.

He is a senior research scientist (assistant professor) at the Institute of Enzymology, Research Centre of Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He graduated at the Semmelweis University of Medicine, Budapest, Hungary in 1998 as an MD.

He was a doctoral student in Jacques Mallet’s laboratory at the Hopital de la Pitie Salpetriere and obtained his PhD degree in 2003 at the University Paris VI for his studies on the transcriptional regulation of the tyrosine hydroxylase gene. In 2003 he joined András Váradi’s lab at the Institute of Enzymology as a postdoctoral fellow and studied the transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of the ABCC6 gene. He was nominated senior research scientist in 2006.

In the recent years his main research focus is on ABCC6, PXE, transcriptional regulation and epigenetics. He was invited professor at the Universite d’Evry (France)/ Genethon in the frame of a joint RBUCE/senior and Marie Curie program between 2010 and 2012. He was also invited professor in 2015/2016 at Angers University (France). He has and is mentoring several students and postdoctoral fellows. He was also the initiator and main organizer of the biannual Danube Conference on Epigenetics funded and is the president of the Epigenetic section of the Hungarian Biochemical Society. Tamas Aranyi has also co-organized the biannual Budapest-PXE meetings since 2007.

Grant Holder Institution

University of Angers, France
Ms Marion TOUCHETEAU, Administrative support


Grant Holder Scientific Representative

Prof. Ludovic MARTIN, University of Angers, France

Scientific Officer, COST



Administrative Officer, COST




Other Leadership Positions

WG Leaders

Working Group #1

Leader :Prof Olivier VANAKKER


Vice-leader: Ms Marta JACINTO


Working Group #2

Leader: Dr Hervé KEMPF



Vice-leader: Prof Pedro VALDIVIELSO


Working Group #3

Leader: Prof Frank RUTSCH

Vice-leader: Prof Alexander SO


Working Group #4

Leader: Ms Sharon TERRY

Vice-leader: Dr Dijana SONTACCHI



Working Group #5

Leader: Dr Jessica Bertrand

Vice-leader: Prof Georges LEFTHERIOTIS


Working Group #6

Leader: Prof Ludovic MARTIN

Vice-leader: Dr Flora Szeri